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ySense Review 2019: Tricks to Earn $500/month with Clixsense

by Bhagwati Suthar
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There’s always been a huge debate over the years about the best way of earning money online with ySense! We are introducing a blog post, in this blog we are sharing an honest review of ySense (Clixsense).

It’s definitely all comes down to personal preferences – what you are comfortable with and either what you are going to do is something you can put your full time, quality time and most importantly can dedicate your soul for it or not until you start making it a passive income for you.

We all have heard the same way, i.e. blogging and freelancing to earn money online probably at least a hundred times. 

Sadly both, freelancing and blogging take a huge time and the input is required to finally enjoy the outcome cannot be compared with any other method of earning money online!

This is why, if you are a 9-5 job person, a busy housewife, or simply a school or college student who wants to earn something online but can’t put in enough time, then ySense is a platform you’ve always wanted to try!



ySense is an online community with multiple earning options. Start earning with paid online surveys, cash offers, & figure eight tasks.

In this blog post, we are going to review ySense, what is it and how can you earn at least $500/mo with this platform!

So let’s dive right into it. 

So what actually is ySense? 

When you start to research other ways of earning online, you will discover methods like getting paid by viewing advertisements, doing certain surveys, sharing your opinion about a certain site or product and whatnot.

To make these small tasks get done for small companies and giving non-tech-savvy a way to earn money online by doing the tasks listed above, the name of ySense appears.

Those of you who hear ySense for the first time, it is the website that was launched in February 2007 that would pay it’s members-only when an Ad is viewed a certain time! 

As it started getting more eyeballs towards it, it started evolving and now it’s sitting at the position where you can be paid by ySense by doing really small and basic activities as I mentioned above.

Out of its many other benefits, one of them is, which is at least my personal favorite is that it’s free to sign up there and you won’t have to do any investment to start making money with this.

On July 31, 2019, Clixsense officially changed its name to ySense.

This site does offer a paid membership for those who want access to ySense’s full feature and want to take them earning to the next level.

However, it doesn’t have to be you or something who’s yet to earn his/her first dime. You can start for free and once you start to earn some money, you can upgrade your account to kill the limitation of earning low from Clixsense and actually earn way more than what you would normally earn.

Either way, you are going to be fine with both!

Since earning money with this site won’t be a huge task, there are definitely some tips and hacks you can apply to x2 your income and get your first ever gig to work on and for which, you can continue reading…

ySense (ClixSense) Review: How to Actually Make Money from it

Step of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

This quote applies in every aspect of life and so for this.

First, you want to have an account registered on the site to initiate your work there.

At this time, everyone knows how registration works. Gladly, the registration system of Clixsense is also pretty basic, you put in your name, email and password and then soon after you will get an email from Clixsense with a unique URL asking you to open in a new tab to verify your account verification and from there, you can complete your profile by putting in more information like your photo, avatar, phone number, country and most importantly, the payment method (will discuss on payment method later in this article.)

While all the inputs can be fake-out, there’s no reason to do so as long as you really want to work there for a long time – or at least monthly income for years to come.

Back to the point, here are some methods you can use in Clixsense to start earning money online.

1 – Earn using paid surveys option

Every day you log in to your account, you will see some sort of different surveys to do than the day before.

Earning huge is always a dream, however, sometimes earning huge only means earning to the true potential.

By just doing daily surveys, you can earn from $1-5 which is not a lot but hey, this is definitely not a bad start, as they say, something is better than nothing.

You will get to see two types of paid surveys in your ySense account every day and they are as follows:

1 – Survey invites

2 – Daily survey routers

Let’s talk about them in detail.

A – Survey invites

To see all the surveys available at the particular time, you will have to activate your survey profile from the dashboard where you are going to get asked so many different things like Country, Age, hobbies etc so you get the surveys as per your interest, so you can enjoy doing it.

In this section of this site, you will be getting paid from $0.25 to $2 for doing surveys by following the exact guidelines and requirements written in the description.

And as time goes on, you will start to earn more. 

Most of the surveys will pay you almost instantly, however, the surveys with red flags showing on them can take up to 30 days to clear your payment but trust us, it’s worth it.

Sometimes you won’t get approved for your survey account if your passion or interest is way too saturated however, you can perform those who are there for you.

B – Daily Survey Routers

Surveys in Daily Survey Routers section won’t pay you much but if this is the only site you’ve chosen to make online with, then consider doing it along with every other possible survey you are given either you like it or not.

2 – Earn by viewing ads

You might be feeling that it’s going to be boring but you have to do it anyway just because it’s paying you.

But what if I told you that for the first time you won’t get bored watching ads? You probably don’t trust me now but soon you will let me tell you how.

We get to see Ads (unless we’re using an AdBlocker) on YouTube and now on Facebook every single day and most of the ads are annoying to watch which is the reason why everyone seems to be using AdBlockers, however, sometimes we love finding some random ads that come out of nowhere.

Ever wondered why some ads are liked by us and some are not? That’s total because of the interest and passion we have! 

For instance, if you are a gamer and see ads about taking your gaming skill to the whole new level, you will at least love watching it if you won’t buy the item compared to the ads of learning piano! 

That’s the exact same thing in ySense as well.

Since you would have already selected your passions and interest from your profile, you will only see ads that match your interest and you will earn at the same time.

So it’s always a win-win for you and this tells us how crucial is it to put inaccuracy information during the time of signing up.

3 – By completing ySense tasks

The sky is not the limit! As long as you have selected the right passion and skill for you during the time of your account creation, it’s highly likely that you will, most of the time, end up getting some small gigs to work on as well. 

It could be from creating a Facebook to creating an app for Facebook and what not?! 

If you have selected your passion as web designing from the passion list, it’s much more likely that you will every once in a while be getting some photoshops gigs to do & since you are passionate and skilled about, you won’t have a hard time completing such short tasks.

Generally, the pricing will be from $0.25 to $5 which again is not a lot but if you are truly a web designer or whatever field you are in that correlates with the gig you’ve made up your mind to work on, you will hopefully know many small tips and hacks to get them done with very small amount of time spent and the best part, you are earning otherwise you would only do it for passion without any motivated outcome, not in the case of Clixsense though.

4 – By completing different offers

If we had to tag this as the most go-to and easy way of earning money online using the ySense system, it won’t go in vain.

When you are asked to complete certain offers, it could be as simple as visiting a site and leaving a comment there to signing up for a site to download any app that’s listed there to even playing video games and who doesn’t love playing video games?

Even if you have no motivation of playing games, when the money is there, and knowing the fact it’s pretty easy to earn with it, you won’t be thinking too long from there, trust us.

5 – Through Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing most of the time scares a newbie comer who wants to earn money online because:

(a) – there are so many ways of doing affiliate marketing which will produce the same thing: lead

(b) – sometimes there’s even investment needed to do a mass affiliate promotion for a certain company

However, with ySense, it doesn’t have to be super difficult.

You can always sign up for their affiliate program, get a long unique URL and give it to everyone you know of.

And whenever someone signs up to ySense using your URL, you are going to get paid some money! 

Finding people could be tough but when you think there’s no input required into this, it’s also indirectly pretty easy.

What about payment and how it works?

Let’s talk about payment now! 

First, please be assured that this site is legit and it pays as long as the task is done by anyone keeping all the requirements in mind given either by Clixsense themselves or by one of their advertisers.

ySense (ClixSense) Payment Methods & Proofs

The payment methods you can use to withdraw your money are Payoneer, PayPal and Skrill.

All three of them are widely used online payment gateways and if one of them is not yet available in your country, you can always use the other one.

Learn How to earn money with paypal

But keeping the long term stability in mind, it’s better to go with Payoneer because of their security but if you are doing it for fun, or you simply trying to figure out if it’s going to be worthy or not for you in the future, you can continue with your PayPal account as well.

ysens (clixsense) payment proof
Ysens (clixsense) payment proof

If you don’t have an account on either of these online banking sites, you can register yourself an account on Payoneer since you can start receiving payment there almost instantly & then in the future, you can register yourself an account on Payoneer as well. 

Get Free $25 Bonus from Payoneer

If you sign up using our link then you will earn a Payoneer $25 Bonus for free. This special link will give you an exclusive registration bonus.

So, after putting in all the details and withdrawal information, you can click on the update button from your profile page and then you will be redirected to the homepage to start working finally.

On the homepage, there will be so many methods of earning using the platform like cash offers, paid surveys, referral and so forth. We will try to explain them to you so you can have a better understanding of how each works, and which is more preferred doing for the better output.

Payoneer payment proof _ ySense
Payoneer payment proof _ ySense

Your earning on this site will be low for the initial 6 months but as you continue to prove your skill at the platform, it will start getting increased in no time.

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