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Top 10 Basic Skills Every Blogger Should Have to Make More Money

by Bhagwati Suthar
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In the present age of fast networking and social media, every person dreams to become a blogger or social media influencer. However, due to so many queries and lack of skills a person could not make it possible. To become a successful and popular blogger there are few simple tips.

Some people want to start their blog but the major problems and difficulties they have to face are. How to become a successful blogger? How to take a logging website from bottom to top? Last but not the least how to take blogging as a profession?  

To answer all these questions this article describes some basic tips and tricks to become a successful blogger to get make more money. These are the tips that everyone needs to follow, as they are very helpful in doing so. This article specifically describes some ways you can easily learn and become a successful blogger in 2019. Some of the prominent skills and applications that everyone needs to have are as follows:

1. High motivation and Strong Will Power

The first and the very important step is to have strong will power. Once you stick to your goal and have a strong will power to fulfill it the next step is to make yourself highly motivated. Strong will power and high motivation is the key. Make yourself motivated once you decided to become a blogger.

You can take self-motivational lectures as well to make yourself stick to your goals. Moreover, show some patience towards blogging because it also requires some time to grow.

2. Good Command on Writing

The second, as well as another important step, is to have a great command of writing and great writing skill. You should have that potential to convert your thoughts into words. This is only possible after practicing it. Read several blogs and articles in your niche and then keep on practice to write by yourself.

Having good writing skills and great, command on words is the main thing to consider in becoming a great blogger. This only requires a lot of practice.

3. Learn the basics of CSS and HTML

You do not need to be professional in this two language or to have full command on WordPress. However, to learn the basics of both these is necessary. Without knowing the basic steps of HTML or CSS, you cannot make your website run smoothly.

Therefore, knowing a little bit of both is very important in this field. You can take online lectures for this purpose, as there is a bundle of tutorials available on the internet.

4. Build strong Networking

To become an active blogger and make your presence prominent, building a strong network is the key. This will help you to gain organic traffic to your website. You simply have to build a strong communication network with your audience.

This is only possible when you have a great interaction with your audience through communication. You build a strong network by applying some tactics, although you can get the idea from the internet.

5.Understand Marketing Skills

Understanding and having appropriate marketing skills means you have the ability to run or promote your e-commerce store for free. As blogging is an online business and every business requires marketing as well. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the basics of marketing.

Understanding the basics of marketing will help build strong strategies, make your blogging smooth, and help you gain more traffic. Moreover, helps to sell your products.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is something very important to rank your blogs as well as your website on top on any search engine.  Knowing proper and basis of SEO will help your blogs rank and more people can reach your website. Although, there are chances to get 100% organic audience on your website.

The main purpose of SEO is to make your website appear on top of the search engines. The SEO can be performed in two ways that are ON-page SEO and OFF-page SEO. To make SEO efficient some step must be followed properly.

  • Search and choose a proper
  • Make use of long-tail keywords.
  • Install the SEO plugins.
  • Learn another ranking tool.

7. Keep an eye on other Bloggers

This step will really help you grow your blogs. You need to become an owl and socially active on your site. Stalk the bloggers in your Niche or follow the pro bloggers and get some tips from them. This will help you keep an eye on what others are doing.

This way you make your blogs grow faster and easier in less time. Simply follow the tips of co-bloggers and look at how they work.

8. Be Confident

Always stay confident about what you are doing. Stay confident always while sharing anything you want. However, be sure that it must not be against ethics or it hurt someone. Staying confident always is the key to become a successful blogger.

9. Consistency is the key

As the title says it by itself. Consistency is the key to become a successful blogger. Make a proper timetable for posting your blogs. Initially, it must be daily but with time, you can schedule it weekly or monthly. However, in the start, you must post on daily basis to get more audience.

10. Do not lose hope

Last but not least, you should never lose hope whether whatever the circumstances maybe always stay humble and have patience. This will not only help you stick your goal but also help you achieve your goal and in the result, you will attract more audience.


This article ended up concluding that to become a successful blogger you must follow some basic steps. Moreover, always stick to your goals and keep yourself motivated by strong will power and determination. These few simple steps help you in the best way to become a great blogger in less time as well as help you fulfill your dream.

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