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Payoneer Review: Payoneer Better Than Paypal? [$25 Bonus]

by Bhagwati Suthar
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In this Payoneer review, we will provide you a very simple way to earn Payoneer 25 US Dollar bonus with signup. We will show you how to use Payoneer to make profit online fast and after that, you can earn money through Payoneer. If you are someone like many people who have a business to run, recurring clients to work with or simply a freelancer who’s earning or have the potential to earn good, then the first thing comes to mind is how will I withdraw my hard-earned money.

Because let’s be honest here for a second, you need some little initial wins with your work so that you can stay pumped and motivated to continue your work regardless of what field you’re working into!

Always think in terms of profits because Money Matters.


And to have those wins, you have to have a mindset, a proper strategy, a funnel, a business plan & along with that, a thorough idea on how you’ll be withdrawing money.

That’s where we have to search for reliable and good online banking services like Payoneer or PayPal.

Note that there are countless other services than just these two too but these are the most professional online banking sites who have been serving internet for a decent amount of times, Especially PayPal!

Payoneer free $25 Bonus offer
Payoneer free $25 Bonus offer

If you’ve ever been in online business, then we bet you must have heard terms like Payoneer and PayPal.

As said earlier, both are pretty professional online banking site which has been serving transactions for its client for a long time. Here we might get confused as of which service should we consider keeping the long term thing in mind!

Paypal vs Payoneer – Which is more cheap and beneficial for your money?

Finding answers to all those questions could be devastating and draining for a beginner! No worries though, we got you and in this post, we’re going to answer exactly that.

To be more specific, we’re going to write a full Payoneer review for online banking sites & will also answer some of the most burning questions of Payoneer which internet yet hasn’t.

We are going to have a look at questions such:

  • Is Payoneer better than Paypal?
  • Is it safe to keep money in Payoneer?
  • Payoneer is safe or not?
  • Does Payoneer have fees?
  • how to get free $25 Bonus from Payoneer?
  • Pros & Cons of Using Payoneer
  • Payoneer vs skrill
  • how to create an account on Payoneer
  • how to deposit money in Payoneer account
  • supported countries

And we’ll try to answer them as per the best of our own experience, so let’s just hop right into it.

Note that just because we’re going to review Payoneer doesn’t mean that we’ll give an edge to Payoneer against PayPal because of no reason, we’re going to be super fair in this article!

Is Payoneer Better than Paypal?

Since both are very popular online payment sending and receiving platform, you are probably going to ask is Payoneer actually better than them? So here’s the answer!

If you are into savings, then, in short, go with Payoneer!

Because if you withdraw money to your bank account right from your PayPal account, you’re going to get less currency rate compared to Payoneer. And that less currency rate is b/w at least 30 cents per dollar as per your currency type.

So for instance if you are living in India and want to withdraw $100 to your bank account, you will get exactly 7068.60 INRs, however, if you withdraw the same amount to your bank with Paypal, you will get even lesser.

Don’t leave that small amount of the table, sometimes it doesn’t feel any bad leaving some cents behind but sum all those left amounts annually and know how much you would have left otherwise.

payoneer vs paypal
Payoneer vs PayPal

Is it Safe to Keep Money in Payoneer?

We are giving Payoneer review so that you can have your money safe. Payoneer is a fully regulated US online banking company and it takes the security of your account super seriously. You will have no trouble keeping your money in Payoneer for a time as long as you want. (more about how to create free Payoneer account and get free $25 as a signup bonus later into this article) then you’ll never have any problem!

You could be asked to provide Payoneer with additional docs for your personal verification, since they take the security of their user’s account very strictly, they may ask you to provide them with either of such docs (be it your national Identity card, your passport or even your driver’s license) but since you are already following their rules and regulations, not violating their Terms of Services & their privacy policy, you’ll be all fine even after temporarily suspension of your account! Plus, you can live to chat them to have your any issue solved in quick time, so that’s another best part of being the user of Payoneer.

Is Payoneer Safe and Secure?

It makes literally no sense if a company puts you under pressure and force you to proof your identity & do everything to make sure you are not a burden to Payoneer & at the end of the day it’s backend system security is in trouble and not secured! Paypal vs Payoneer is a very hot topic now. If this happens, regardless of how much you are trustworthy to Payoneer, you will at the end of the day end up losing all the money kept in your account and the company will be turned off!

This seems like a joke but this has been the case with many online and offline companies who have dumped many people’s money!

Thanks to Payoneer, not only are they so concerned about their user’s privacy and security but they’re also very much protective of their own system to make sure their user’s money is kept safe without any scam being happened!

Due to all these, we’re going to give them 10/10 for their own Security as well.

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Does Payoneer charges Fees?

You probably have it heard it many times but let us remind you once again:

Anything worth having costs a little bit of money and that’s the same thing with Payoneer as well and you will see it in our Payoneer review. At least it’s a sign that the company is legit who have to pay to it’s an employee for your account’s maintenance which definitely is a good thing, isn’t it?!

Alright, so after being positive about one negative thing for you as a user, you are probably wondering what’s the fees of your Payoneer and how often you’ll be paying them off?!

Payoneer is a prepaid card which you get for free within a matter of a few weeks and the other fees are listed below!

(a) Payoneer charges $30/annually for the maintenance of your account.

(b) You’ll be charged $3 to get instant payment and $1 to get that hard-earned money right into your account in 3 days if you receive payment from freelancing sites like freelancer, up work or even Fiverr.

(c) Payoneer charges $1 per ATM transactions.

How to Get Free $25 Bonus from Payoneer?

You probably have heard a few times that you get $25 as a bonus while signing up for Payoneer. This full and detailed Payoneer review will help you to get this Payoneer $25 dollar bonus on new signup. Even after signing up and activating the account a lot of Payoneer users were not given their $25. Probably you would be asking – what’s going on here? And if you’ve never heard about that $25 thing, you better continue reading, we promise you’ll be super happy!

payoneer Free 25 usd Registration Bonus

So, when you sign up for your Payoneer account you get $25. That’s true! They or any other users are not lying but only if you sign up to their service using any of the referral codes given by your friend or any family member.

If you know anyone who’s close to you and already using their service, you can ask them to provide you with the referral URL. Both you and the one who’s referring you will be paid $25. So, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

However, if you don’t know anyone who could give you their referral URL, you can also use our referral URL listed in this Payoneer review article!

Again, you are getting $25 just by signing up which is a great thing.

Pros & Cons of Using Payoneer

Every greatest thing comes with its own Pros (that it’s competitors don’t have) & cons (that you never have imagined) and that’s the same case with Payoneer!

Let’s start by discussing its PROs first.

Here are some of the Payoneer’s Pros:

  • SUPER EASY TO USE: You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of any online banking site to use Payoneer! It’s pretty basic and easy-to-use that even a first time user can use it without any hurdle.
  • DIRECT BANK WITHDRAWAL SERVICE: This is probably one of the most important reasons why internet marketers use Payoneer!
  • BANK ACCOUNT CREDENTIALS: Once you’ve signed up for Payoneer & activated your card, you will get different bank account’s Routing and bank account number which can be used for different purposes.
  • WORKS EVERYWHERE: This card can be used anywhere in the world so you don’t have to worry about exchanging your Payoneer credits while traveling in any part of the world.
  • FREE CREDIT CARD: Having a credit card to yourself is the best thing you could ever do and there could be nothing more pleasant if you are given it for free.

Here are some of the Payoneer’s Cons:

  1. BAD SUPPORT: This is the dirty little secret of Payoneer! First of all, they don’t work on holiday hours (i.e. Saturday and Sunday) & apart from that, their email response is also super delayed! Either way, if you want to get any of your basic and simply query answered, you can use their live chat option to have an instant reply!
  2. CHARGES: This is also something that most of us don’t like, their fees are way too expensive as described earlier in the article.
  3. THE DOUBTS: Even after you have provided all the necessary docs like your national ID card and passport for verification, they are still going to keep your payments on hold most of the time until further user verification which gets super annoying sometimes.

Payoneer vs Skrill

Payoneer and Skrill both are similar in providing the service of receiving and sending money! But if you are someone who’s just getting started with these things, you will have a lot of confusions about which one to prefer. Especially if you compare Payoneer with Skrill, things get even more blurry because it’s hard to pick one!

We are going to list some of the pros and cons of either of these provides that should help you figure out which one should you go with!

Payoneer vs Skrill which is better?


PROS: Easy to use, bank account credentials, direct bank withdrawal service, free credit card, works in over 200 countries.

CONS: Poor support, high charges, those irrelevant doubts.


PROS: Great customer care service, quick payment, minimum transfer of $1, regular payment service.

CONS: 1.9% receiving fee, no bonus while signing up, a bit complicated layout, no free credit cards.

How to Create an Account on Payoneer

Our aim of creating Payoneer review is to help you keep your money safe. Creating an account on Payoneer is just like eating a piece of cake and taking a sip of coffee. Just follow the instructions listed below to have your account created in less than 5 minutes!

Payoneer Signup Page
Payoneer Signup Page

Here are steps to register a new account on Payoneer:

  • Go to Payoneer sign up page using this URL: https://register.payoneer.com
  • Put in all the basic information like your first name, your last name, your email address, your date of birth, your phone number along with your bank account details and hit sign up.
  • And that’s it!

It seems a bit but that’s exactly what you are supposed to do while signing up for Payoneer! If you will create a Payoneer account on your own, you will not get any bonus. You will get a $25 USD bonus if you use our referral link.

You can add your local bank account details later depending upon when you want to withdraw money from your Payoneer prepaid card.

Note that you can be asked to provide Payoneer with multiple docs just to verify your identity so make sure whatever information you are putting is 100% accurate or you’ll get banned sooner or later without any guarantee of your money is secured.

How to Deposit Money in Payoneer Account

You can start depositing money right in your Payoneer account once it’s fully activated and your identity has been verified.

You can deposit money on your account using either one of the freelancing platform sites or by working online or offline for someone and providing those bank credentials given to you by Payoneer while accepting your money from your offline or online client.

Supported Countries:

Payoneer supports over 200 countries which make it beneficial for us – especially if you are a freelancer.

You can check out this page to make sure if your country is supported by Payoneer yet or not: https://www.payoneerhow.com/payoneer-supported-countries-list/


Thanks all for today folks! We hope you enjoyed reading this guide as much as we enjoyed creating it.

If you still have any confusions or questions about Payoneer, please don’t hesitate to ask using the comment box below! We hope you will find our Paypal vs Payoneer review as helpful as how much our team has worked hard for this review.

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