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30 New Part-Time Profitable Business Ideas with Low Investment

by Bhagwati Suthar
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Everybody seems to love starting their own business and make a living out of it without having to be scolded by the boss from time to time.

Sadly, starting your own business and most importantly, scaling it further is not easy as those successful businessmen have made it look.

If building a business and scaling it was that easy then every single person would have a business in today’s era and would be earning for themselves instead of doing 5-9 for somebody else! 

If you are someone with no business background but now want to change it all and start your own profitable business, then this is the article you were looking for! 

In this blog post, we’re going to find out how someone (with no business background) can start their own business with little to no investment and then scale it further!

We have also written another post especially for housewives New Small Business Ideas For Housewives you could read it.

Are you guys excited for this? Let’s dive in right now! 

Here are 30 new part time profitable business ideas with low investment! 

1. Blogging 

Blogging seems pretty broad suggestion when answered the question asked by someone trying to start a business for the first time.

Blogging is hard, it takes time, you are supposed to stay motivated all the time, you want to feed the internet for a super long time and one day, you’ll be able to reap the output for a long time.

This is recommended to those having no money & starting a business for the first time in their life just because of the fact it’s free to get started with and providing quality information to the internet is all it takes. if you are a student and want to make more money online then read this tutorial on how to make money online for students.

learn more about how to create a website in a minute click here, you can also choose Bluehost for your blog.

Click here for the special $2.75 per month rate on BlueHost and then click “get started now to start a blog”.

2. Making Chatbots 

A chatbot is a tool that’s used by almost every single big company in this period of time to make sure the potential customers don’t feel they’re being treated as nothing just because they’re getting no response to their question(s).

If you have good command over Web development or development in general, you can create custom chatbots & sell them to big companies.

3. Print-on-demand (POD) Online Business

Yet another business that you can start without investing a dime into this module. However, if you want to take a step further and want to invest in this module, you can do it. 

The idea of this business is to create a T-shirt with some logo onto it for your customers.

Don’t worry though, you won’t be creating T-Shirts for them and you won’t be spending anything upfront, you will be selling them Tshirts once the payment is made by your customer. 

4. French Fries Shop

If you’re having some side money, to be specific, even less than $1,000, then you can start this business just today, within a few months you will get your invested money back and start to reap the profit out of it.

Keep in mind you are going to have to hire a shopkeeper as well for this so make sure you’re hiring someone you put your trust into.

5. Coffee Shop

Rarely will you find anyone in this world who’ll say that they don’t like coffee and if you find someone like that, you better take your steps backward from them, they’re not the one you want to get connected too! 

All jokes aside, investing in Coffee shops could be huge in the long term. 

Just be sure you’re having your shop somewhere near or in the middle of a crowded town.

6. Kids Store

Shopping a huge market and when I say market, I am referring it to the field. 

Millions of people buy something every single day, be it offline or online.

We’re here though talking about starting your own store offline.

Sure, it’ll take you a huge amount of money to put in first but we all know how potential it has to make you earn big money.

7. Medical Store

Just like the number of goods we people buy from the shopping mall every single day is countless, that’s the same case with medicines as well.

You can start your own medical store somewhere near your town hospital and then see how many customers you get every single day and even hours! 

The profit will probably be a bit low in this business module, but it’s worth having less profit than having not at all.

8. Computer Training Institute 

Never underestimate your skills! You are not here for quotes but it was essentially said. 

Most of us have very good skills in operating the computer but not all.

You can turn this opportunity into a great profitable business! 

Even if you know very basic computer operation, most people don’t even know that, so don’t hesitate or make excuses by saying you are not a Computer Engineer.

9. Teach Others Piano

Just like how operating of computer is pretty common in today’s people, that’s exactly the same case with playing piano too although there’s at least 60% less compute operator people who know how to play piano which again, can be used as an opportunity to make more money.

Playing piano is not that hard, you know that, use that skill to earn money because others realize this as well.

10. Teach Others Guitar

Playing guitar and so teaching is slightly difficult than playing and teaching someone how to play the piano. However, if you have been playing guitar all your life, your teaching skill will definitely be different than someone out there who themselves only just getting started with guitar.

Use your passion & skills to teach others the same thing and make this your business module without investing a penny.

11. Music Class / School

You can teach others how to play music in general and can start earning big in no time. 

If you are having experience in playing various instruments better than an average player, you can open a broad music class or school and train others how to play different instruments as well.

12. Fixing Automobiles 

It’s pretty frustrating when you are rushing towards somewhere and the automobile you are using to travel gets stuck in the middle because of some hard-to-identify errors hiding in it.

To fix such problems for your customers, you can open a shop to fix any sort of automobiles.

You will need to hire some people for this business too but then the outcome will be equally satisfying. 

13. Bakery Shop

Just like a coffee shop, Bakery is one of those most visited places that people love going to almost every single day.

If you already have a lot of baking equipment or simply have a lot of money to invest in keeping the future wealth in mind, you can invest in a bakery shop just today. 

14. Cooking Classes

Most of us are a pretty good chief and we also know most of the people around us who don’t know how to cook. 

Take advantage of such opportunities and open cooking class to teach beginners how to cook effectively!

15. Ice-Cream Stand

It would be an injustice to Ice-Cream knowing if we only talked about french fries, coffee, cooking in general but not ice-cream, so here it is! 

Ice-cream is something we all enjoy irrespective of the amount of times we’ve already eaten it. 

You can invest in an ice-cream stand too to get customers all day and night.

16. Photography

Photography is a huge passion and it’s no wonder it takes great skill to master photography and become a good photographer.

Not everyone can do it and that’s one of the reasons why in huge parties, photographers are hired on a big budget. 

You can also sell your photos online, so we have listed some places where you can sell photos easily. :

If you are passionate about it as well, consider grooming yourself more and make a living out of it.

17. Pet Business

In countries like the US, UK and India, 68% of the people keep at least one pet in their house and invest a handsome amount of money on their maintenance as well. 

Lack of time sometimes doesn’t let them handle their pet well and you can use this opportunity to earn huge.

18. Mobile Repair

If you are someone who has used his mobile all their life and know how to troubleshoot it by replacing some of its components, use this skill to make money. 

Most people are afraid to troubleshoot their mobile because of how sensitive it is and how dangerous the outcome could be if something doesn’t go supposedly.

You can help them fix their particular problem and earn money by using this skill. 

19. Mobile App Development

Know that repairing mobile and developing an app for mobile phones are two totally different things. 

If you have good command over web development and can develop useful Apps for society, your App can earn big. 

Otherwise, you can also sell your app for some potentially big money.

20. Agriculture Business

This field is pretty huge as well and for a reason: the outcome is satisfying and pleasing to watch once you start to see the outcome.

You can buy an empty field and start farming there & from there you can sell all the goods you get from there.

21. Make-Up Artist

If you are a girl and household wife and want to do something for yourself but restricted to stay at home, you can be a Make-Up Artist & can start grooming others to earn a huge amount of money. 

22. Decor Business

We all have that one friend who comments on the decoration of our home every single time! There’s not a reason to blame them because it’s in their passion. 

If it’s you, you can get into the decor business and get paid just to advise our customers. 

23. Dance Studio

Most people are a good dancer but still not realizing how blessing in disguise this skill is for them. Most people are mad to learn dancing and if you are having this skill already, you can get yourself into a dance studio and teach your fellow-dancers how to dance correctly.

24. Travel Planning

Travel is not easy! Not because it requires you a huge amount of money to enjoy traveling to its fullest but even after that, you’ll be having a hard time exploring a new country, especially if you are traveling for the first time.

If you are someone who’s traveled a lot and know some traveling hacks, then sell your experience to new travelers. 

25. Tester or Reviewer

A lot of people and small to big companies continuously looking for people to review their products, sites, landing page and so on and so forth to adjust their site for the best conversion rate.

That tester could be you too, get started on sites like Fiverr.com or UpWork.com.

26. eBay Assistant or Seller

Every single one of us has something in our product that we’ve never touched in years yet we’re keeping it just to satisfy ourselves, what about selling them and earn something from it at least? 

Calling this a business idea would be a joke and that’s why we won’t. But what you can do, is by cheap items from AliExpress and sell them on eBay or Amazon for profit.

27. Website Developer

Designing a website in today’s time does not take any skills but this is something that money with the full wallet is yet to realize. 

In the meantime, you can find such customers and build websites for them using CMSs like WordPress.

you can find more details on the quora community regarding web development where many peoples shared there advises.

28. Internet Security Consultant

The term “hacking” is mostly used in a wrong way, by internet security, we’re talking about ethical hacking here. 

Sites and big companies continuously hiring hackers to make sure their websites are fully optimized and can’t be hacked by hackers easily.

29. Graphic Designer

If you have good command over Photoshop or Canva or simply on any other editing software, use that skill to provide your service to your potential buyer which will hopefully turn into a recurring buyer of you sooner or later. 

30. Translator

If you have made this far this only means you have good command over English that you were able to read all this.

Again, not everyone though. Use this opportunity to become a translator for someone who can’t read and write or even speak English by the way they should.

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