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25 Top Money Making Apps in 2019. Get Paid Up To $1000/ Month

by Bhagwati Suthar
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The smartphones have made life so much easy that anyone can easily operate it as well as make money through it. To make money out of your smartphone there is a need of only one thing that is a Money Making apps.

Therefore, this article will show some best Money Making apps that will help you make money and paid up to $1000 per month.

25 best money making apps for android smartphones which can make you money fast.

money earning apps are becoming very demanding today because they can make you money without worring of any job or any boss. work at your will and earn more money than those boring and heptic 9 to 5 jobs. you will become a self employed with the help of these our listed 25 money making apps.

1. Dosh App

Looking forward to making earning using a smartphone, then you are at right place. Here is the best money making apps called Dosh app. One can easily find it on play store and start making money while doing shopping online. This app serves to provide cash back up to several percent on each purchase and one can collect money easily via PayPal.

Other than that, some pros and cons are as follows:


  1. A huge variety of brands exist
  2. Provides quick cash


  1. Works only in the United States
  2. Connecting to bank account is necessary.

2. Swagbucks App

Swag bucks is another best money making apps to earn money easily and up to your desire. Working through this app is quite simple and one can earn through various ways by using this app. One can earn in several ways through this app, for example by watching videos, doing surveys, completing polls and by shopping online.

While having such pros there also exists some cons as well. Some of these are as follows:


  1. Easy to use
  2. Provide many different opportunities to earn


  1. Include so many unnecessary ads.
  2. Offers tough survey that is difficult to pass.

3. HealthyWage App

Another best money making apps is a healthy wage app that allows making money by losing weight. How this app really works is after signing up with your email or contact number, you can make a bet about losing your weight. You can bet how many months you can lose how much pounds. If you will achieve your target then you can earn a handsome amount of money.

Some pros and cons of this app are as follows:


  1. Helps to maintain health.
  2. Everyone can use it.


  1. These temporary rewards do not last forever.

4. Acorns

Acorns also serve to be the best money making apps, which is also known as micro investing money app. This app works in a way that it will sum up all your purchases and add to your bank account you linked. Moreover, some pros and cons are as follows:


  1. Offers small investments
  2. It tracks all your purchases.


  1. It often financial complexities

5. Survey Junkie

Survey junkie another best money making apps helps you to earn money through smartphones. It contains many survey panels that allow a person to earn money. It is a 100% legit way of earning money. After creating a profile, the app will ask some relevant questions that will help you later to complete the surveys easily.


  1. Completely free and easy to use
  2. Easy to collect points


  1. You can only withdraw money after reaching $10.
  2. One point consumes 10-15 minutes.

6. Paribus App

Looking forward to Money Making apps Paribus also serves to be the best money making apps. The working of this app is quite different yet simple; this app keeps all your tracks. Other than that, if the item you wished to have got out of stock or if the price of the item drops down that, you previously ordered, then your money will refund to you.


  1. It can refund money if the price of an item drops.
  2. Keep the track of all your purchases and receipts.


  1. Instead of giving money, this app contacts the companies directly to refund the money and then it is the company’s choice either to give money or not.

7. Trim App

Talking about the best money Making apps, trim is another best app that can help in making money. After signing up this app will link to your financial account, where it can track your spending and bills and this way can help you save money up to a great extent.

Some pros and cons are also as follows:


  1. It negotiates the bills and helps in saving money.
  2. Allows you to cancel the unwanted subscription.


  1. Perfect for credit and debit cards.

8. Ibotta

Ibotta is yet another best money making apps that can help you make money by receiving cash back on your purchases. You can use this app for shopping, traveling, dining and almost for everything.


  1. You can receive cash back on several items like items related to health and food.
  2. You can win several coupons and prices.


  1. Sometimes the faces trouble reading the receipts.
  2. Not every item can have a cash back.

9. Vindale Research

Vindale research is also another best money making apps, which allows a user to complete surveys an in return make money. On completing surveys, one can make enough money through the home and in simple ways.  This is also another simplest and easiest way to make money.


  1. One can make money easily through the home by simply completing the surveys.
  2. There are bundles of new surveys available every day.


  1. It offers surveys that are tough to pass easily.

10. Shopkick

Here is another best money making apps, namely Shopkick. This app allows the user to make money by simply completing some tasks. This app allows a few tasks like walking into stores and purchased items that are affiliated with the app. Then taking pictures of the receipts after shopping and inserting them in the specific section, you can make money.

You have to collect kicks after completing the relevant tasks and in this way, you can make money easily and with less effort. 


  1. Makes shopping interesting.
  2. Collecting kicks is also very easy and one can collect kicks within less time.


  1. Collecting 100 points is necessary to get a gift card.
  2. This app does not work with all the stores.

11. Driving with Uber

Driving with Uber also contributes to making money and hence it proved as the best Money Making apps. For driving, a car to make money with this you must have a smartphone with Uber app installed in it and a car. You can obviously drive a car and get interests on each ride.

Although, this app also has some pros and cons as well, which are as follows:


  1. This app allows you to work with great flexibility and whenever you want to do.
  2. One can get payments on a daily basis.


  1. The major cons of this app are most of the time you receive unfair ratings.
  2. No proper holidays.

12. Super Pop Quiz

Here is another best money making apps known as Super Pop Quiz that is simple to use and helps you make money easily and faster. Using this app, you have to answer some of the questions relevant to several fields and in return, you will get money on each answer.

Moreover, some pros and cons are as follows:


  1. You can answer quiz questions any time you want.
  2. Offers a great variety of questions relevant to several fields.


  1. Sometimes it is hard to answer the questions.

13. InboxDollars

InboxDollars also serves to be the best money making apps that allows you to make money by performing several tasks and earn dollars in different ways. You can complete various tasks like completing surveys, reading emails, searching webs and much more that are really easy and manageable.


  1. Offers a great variety to earn dollars
  2. Helps you making money in dollars rather than collecting points.


  1. You have to earn 30 dollars in order to get a payout.

14. Blabber

Blabber serves to be the best money making apps, as it is easy to use and so much fun. It is actually a messaging app, which allows you to make money by sending messages. You have to send up to 15000 messages and then can earn almost $15 via your PayPal account. This is the easiest and simple way of making money.


  1. It is a cost-free app
  2. Easy to use


  1. More time consuming
  2. Offers less money

15. Quick Thoughts

Another best money making apps is quick thoughts app based on survey and performing several tasks. After installing it to your smartphone, you can start completing surveys and the relevant task. As a result, on completing each survey, you can earn a few dollars and in this way, you can make a good amount of money per month.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Operate in almost every language


  1. A slow process of earning money.
  2. Offers tough surveys.

16. Slide App

Here is a unique and easy to use the app, which proved to be the best money making apps, is Slide app.  Its working is simple, you simply have to install it and then it will automatically start operating. You can simply earn points by viewing and sliding the content appearing on your screen. This is the simplest app that will make you earn money in the easiest way.


  1. Easy to use and operate.
  2. Free of cost.


  1. Not too much reliable.

17. SweatCoin

SweatCoin proves to the best money making apps as its working based on health and fitness. One can use this app to maintain fitness by doing exercises and while doing so this app will track the movements each time you are performing an exercise. As a result, this app will provide you some money on each movement.


  1. Easy to access.
  2. Easy to manage and use


  1. Not suitable for everyone.

18. GetUpside

This best money making apps allows you to get cash back on your daily basis tasks. Like doing shopping online, filling gas in your car, or ordering food. On each purchase you will get a cash back up to a few percent, even you can get cash back whenever the price of the specific item drops down if you ordered it in past.


  1. Anyone can operate it.
  2. Easy to manage.


  1. Does not allow cash back on all items.

19. Taskbucks

Taskbucks is easy to use and the best Money Making apps, which allows its users to earn money easily b completing several tasks. This app offers several ways in which one can earn money easily. As well as this app offers daily contests through, which one can easily make money within less time?


  1. Allows several contests daily.
  2. Offers easy participation


  1. People usually take this app as a swindle. 

20. CashPirate 

Cash Pirate yet another best money making apps, which can help you, earn money by completing surveys. Anyone can participate, can complete the surveys easily, and can earn handsome amount of money per money. This is easy to use the app, with great variety.


  1. Allows a variety of surveys every day.
  2. Free to use.


  1. Does not offer easy surveys.
  2. Quite difficult for the majority of the people.

21. GigWalk

GigWalk is the best money making apps also known as a tool for companies to make money. Once you become a Gigwalker, your task is to make gigs for the companies, which tell them about how to perform their tasks and what to do next.


  1. Offers great flexibility.
  2. Quick and easy payment methods.


  1. Sometimes it is hard to manage.

22. Money SMS

One of the best money making apps yet a simple of all to use is money SMS app. Once you signed up for this app, you can also receive SMS, and on receiving one SMS, you can earn 0.02 Euro. In this way, you can earn a handsome amount of money.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Offers high flexibility.


  1. Not everyone can make money out of it.

23. InstaCart

Now you can make money out of your grocery shopping with the help of the best money making apps known as instacart. For those who love to do grocery shopping, this is the perfect app to make money out of it. This app will make your connections with stores where you can serve others to receive their required items.


  1. A fun way to earn money.
  2. One can work flexibly within a week.


  1. For some people, it is hard to manage.

24. Quiz Rewards

Another best money making apps is the quiz reward app, which offers a user to answer the quiz questions in order to make money. This app offers its user to answer some questions and by completing the task give them money.


  1. Offer a variety of questions to answer.
  2. Easy to use.


  1. Offers tough questions.

25. Foap

If you love to take pictures and can take amazing pictures then you can make money out of it. Foap, the other best money making apps, which allows you to sell your digital pictures and can easily earn money out of it. This is a fun way of getting your earning and the easiest way.


  1. This app can turn your interest in earning. A fun way to earn money.


  1. Does not preferable for everyone.

How To Make Money Online For Student Without Any Investment


This article showed several apps, through which one can make money easily and with less effort while staying at home. Therefore, working with these apps and making money out of it has become a lot easier as it allows you to work from home.

If you are a student and want to earn money for your daily needs, you must read our latest research on,

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