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Top 11 Ways to Make Money Online. Earn $1000/mo without investment

by Hardik Trivedi
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Hello good guys, how are you doing? No need to worry as at last, you came to this amazing and stress relieving page. No bombardment with the information on “stress management” or “how to deal with stress” or “treat psychological stress”. The reason I’m telling “this article a stress reliever” is because a large number of present internet users are continuously finding the way to earn money online. And to solve that for our readers we decided to share this list of different ways to make money online. You just need to do is keep all your worries aside but start working online to make cash.

One thing more to tell!

Our team is working on this particular list on a regular basis. So please do not forget to bookmark our page and give us your valuable suggestions in the comments below. So, let us get started.

Are you a student? Want to make a lot of dollars without a job and doing hard work? Then we strongly recommend you to go through our most valuable research on – making money online for the student without any investment.

Qualified and proven methods and tips for making money online fast, can surely earn you more than enough income for your daily needs and study expenses.

Top proven ways to make money online

Verified and Approved by our Experts

Hereby I provide you the top proven ways to make money online. Use the method which suits your interest. All the best!

1. Online surveys can generate cash

The online survey first started in 1987 and since then its popularity increased day by day. This was possible due to the flexibility of getting paid easily as you can make money online genuinely without working hard. This type of free time work can make you a decent income up to $1000+ in a year. This income grabbing source is mostly preferred by students for a part-time income. So, below are the few types of online survey types as you need.

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Educational
  3. Market research
  4. Product valuation
  5. Website testing
  6. Health care and welfare
  7. New software/product testing
  8. Events preparation

2. Browse and make dollars

Is it possible to make money online while browsing?

You may ask me this question, thinking that I must be kidding. But believe me, you are not aware of this. Many companies pay good cash for online work where you can work as a part-time or full-time employee. If there is no meaningful purpose behind internet surfing, then it is a real waste of time. We use the internet to check our emails, read some informational blogs and stay connected to our dear and near ones through social media. But now after reading this, I am sure that you will convert your spare time into a source of income.

Now you know that some websites provide money for browsing. All you need to know more is, how this online money making system works. You will be doing the work of an Evaluator. Your duty will be to check for the mistakes happening in the search results of different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. These search results are not always accurate and specified to the searched content.

For example, if you search “Paris Hilton in the party last night” then it is possible that the search engine will not recognize that you need to know about the celebrity Paris Hilton. Instead, it may show you the search results regarding the last night party in the Hilton Hotel in Paris. Above all, t his is the types of errors you need to find and help the search engines to get better in terms of the quality of the search results.

How much can I earn for browsing?

How much can you earn through this type of online work? Honestly, you can earn $12 – $16 per hour which is $1200 per month. Yes, its $1200 per month. So if you have the free time which you kill just by browsing then, this method is the best for you to make money online.

3. Online market trading

What is trading and where to do it?

The action or activity of buying and selling goods and services is called “trading”. Keep in mind that online market trading could be a wise path to success and you can make money online. So, let us understand quickly what is Online Trading and how proves to be a successful path.

make money online with online market trading
Above image is provided by Google Books
Ngram Viewer which shows the use of words trading, Trading and TRADING over time.

The word “trading” means “exchanging of one item for another”. We usually do this in exchanging of goods for money or in other words, buying. When you buy something and pay money for it, it is trading as in this modern world we do not exchange things for things because the currency has dominated the market. The place for buying goods or trading is known as a market. For example, the simple one is the shop, supermarket, grocery store, etc.

What is online market trading?

Now, market trading is the process of buying and selling the stock shares of any company listed in the company business trading market. We call it Online Market Trading if we do it online (no physical market).

How online market trading can make money online?

Online stock trading is the other name for online market trading. Today many average people own stocks because the person who has a computer or a smartphone, good financial background and enough cash to register to open an account can do online stock trading. The market is now available to almost every user who is digitally literate.

“You invest your money in the stock market which in turn makes you money.”

-A Stock Market Expert

It is not as simple as it sounds though, but no need to get afraid. I will explain to you how this method can earn you money. Stock trading is not really a risk-free and losses. However, it is possible that you may find a golden egg or a treasure chest if you just do some required research and invest your money in the right firm.

You can find more information on making money through online market trading on How to Make Lots of Money in Online Stock Trading.

4. Create your own website

Money making reasons to create a blog of your own

If you want to make passive income, then create your own blog first. It is the most efficient way to continuously make money online, even when you are doing nothing. Here’s the list of what you could potentially do if you create your own website.

  1. Get connected to many people.
  2. Do whatever you are in love with.
  3. Make money online more (obviously) compared to an ordinary job.
  4. Earn $500+ per month.
  5. Make your business grow rapidly and efficiently.
  6. Really relinquish a job which doesn’t fit your interest.
  7. Help your brand to emerge as a famous one.

Though there are many far many possibilities of what you can do with your website, these above mentioned are the few but important ones. Also, you can get your domain registered for under a minimal amount of $22/year (by the way the 1st year is free) and get hosting for $2.97/month through BlueHost within a little time.

Click here for the special $2.75 per month rate on BlueHost and then click “get started now to start a blog”.

5. Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

In the year 1989, a branded company named ‘PC Flowers & Gifts’ globally introduced the concept of affiliate marketing which was almost a flop idea at that time to make money online fast.

According to Wikipedia: Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Can I do affiliate marketing?

Affirmative. This is for sure for all of you that, if you use a good time on social media or, I don’t know, you may be you have a blog or own website. However, you can immediately start earning good wealth by promoting all kinds of products, services and offers online.

Does affiliate marketing really make money online?

Yes. There are different payout modes to earn money for any affiliate network. The two primary modes are CPS and CPA.

CPS is a short form for Cost Per Sale (a.k.a. PPS – Pay Per Sale). CPS is a low risk and high-profit scheme used by the companies which want to increase their customers in n-numbers for their provided services but they do.

CPA means Cost Per Action. While the leads take the specific action, the affiliate gets paid for it. Common actions for the CPA program include clicks, submission of a form, page sign-ups or the registrations. There is no direct sale in CPA mode so the payout is obviously less compared to CPS mode.

What are the best affiliate networks in 2019?

In case, if you want to make money online through an affiliate only in this very competitive year 2019, you need to know the best network for it. So, we have already got it sorted for you because we know how important it is. Following is the list of the best affiliate providers you will need to grow your online business and make money online in India.

Your health is your most precious wealth. You need to make money online in India without investment for a good living, get a better education, live a peaceful life, enjoy luxuries or just have full fun from life. If you are serious about money making online, then you have got such a wonderful opportunity in the history of mankind because we have the internet. This is the digital age of technology and deep scientific knowledge. So, I hope that you will not ignore the health-related factors and will proceed towards a healthy future.

Read 7 Healthy Habits to Develop That Will Make a Difference in Your Life to make your life better and healthy, easily.

6. Review websites & apps and make money

If the website is not user-friendly, its very difficult to make money online and earn something from it. Some websites are the most criticized. For example, the font size, the color, the Ad banners, the pop-ups, placement of the advertisement, etc. All of these and many other factors are responsible for the rating of the site by a user. If the website is a pain to look at, the user may probably not even bother what is written and just want to leave the page as soon as possible.

Obviously, no website owner wants this to happen. So, to avoid such a situation there is a feedback program run by almost every website. The website owner pays the feedback participants for this.

You can make money online by doing this type of work. You just need to surf the internet, go to the dedicated website, provided the feedback and you are done for that.

When you participate in such type of work, it can take around 5 to 30 minutes to complete one company’s feedback, depending on the content. But don’t get confused with online surveys. Anybody can take part in online surveys. But here, you have to qualify first for the feedback.

I will give you the names of some websites which provides this type of works,

1. UserTesting

This website is the monster among all usertest website through which you can make money online. User Testing gives you the opportunity to earn $10-$15 every 20-30 minutes. That is around $30 per hour.

The one main thing you need to make sure before registering your account is that you should have a PayPal account and you can earn up to $60 per test.

2. Enroll

Enroll lets you take quick tests to help you to make money online to make the web a better place for everyone. Help companies decide which logo is better, clarify content or simply complete tasks on a web site or app to ensure the interaction makes sense. Anyone can do it!

You can see what the real associations are working on and let them find what you think about their website! You’ll probably be the first to get the info in the backstage. Are you addicted to your phone, tablet, PC or laptop? Don’t worry, you can take user tests on any of your devices – phones, tablets, desktops; whatever you prefer! Earn Rewards! Collect exciting badges to show off to your dears and friends and get paid, for each test you do correctly, via PayPal, a safe and secure payout method.

Moreover, Enroll is carried out by one of the best teams in the online world, Zurb Team. Yes, I know that you would definitely want to try it out after hearing that the Zurb maintains Enroll.

3. Testing Time

You can make money online using testing time. One study can earn you around $50 – $55. You need to use Skype to conduct the study.

Once you have completed the study, you get paid via PayPal within 5-10 days of finishing the study. You can work for the testing time and make money online from any place in the world because it accepts participants globally who must have a computer with an active internet and obviously, Skype installed in it.

4. TryMyUI

$12 in 12 minutes. Oh God, this is so great!

Well, this is the most awesome and one of the fastest ways to make money online because you get paid $12 in 12 minutes*. (*Terms & Conditions Applied). No, what terms and conditions here.

So, it is clear that there are some terms applied to earn this quick. What you need to pass is the Qualification Test. Relax pals. The qualification test is not an entrance exam for some postgraduate programs but a simple sample test. This test just checks whether you understood the process well or not.

Once you cleared this test, you are given different sample tests, like tasks, through your email which you need to complete. You will be paid twice a week via PayPal.

Well, these above-mentioned sites are the great ones to start off. I know you would be so much excited for a big start.

You may also like to visit some other websites providing similar services:What Users Do, User Zoom, User Lytics, User Feel, Loop 11

7. Make money from the Disney Vault – a treasure

The one who has been a fan of Disney can never forget what it has contributed to our life. Disney has made my childhood so joyful. See how wonderful is Disney, even now we have grown older, it refreshes our upset mood and helps to make money online taking care of us.

Wikipedia says, "Disney Vault" was a term used by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment for its policy of putting home video releases of Walt Disney Animation Studios's animated features on the moratorium. Each Disney film was available for purchase for a limited time, after which it is put "in the vault" and not made available in stores for several years until its re-release. 

Our researchers found out the way to make little money from Disney films. The Vault is the treasure box which contains the classic films. Disney releases their classics every 10 years and then it goes back to the ‘Disney vault’.

How much can I make from the Disney Vault?

The price for the various release is obviously different but you can think of the three times the price you bought it. For example, the pre-release of the ‘Beauty And The Beast 3D Diamond Edition’ was priced around $25to $30. But then after the price of that pack reached a peak of $80.

First things first. Not all the films by Disney are part of the vault scheme. You can select mostly the Diamond or the Platinum Edition which can prove more profitable (much better, if available in combo). You can buy a blue ray of these movies and then resell them when all those movies are back in the vault.

It is the investment of money in film DVD the same as investing in the stock market. when the vault opens with the limited edition you shall but them. And when the vault closes and the price begins to rise, you can sell it at the higher price because you know the vault will then open again after 10 years.

Do you have Disney movies which aren’t the part of the Disney Vault? Then don’t make a stack at home.

Sell them on Jobiba (Buy.Sell.Anything.Anywhere) or Ziffit. Both of these websites are the best place to sell your books, DVDs, CDs, Games, etc.

8. Write Kindle e-books and publish for e-readers

If you are a professional or even a hobbyist writer then writing and publishing Kindle e-book can prove to be your best option to make money online. Let us understand what Kindle e-book writing is and how can you monetize your writings.

What is Kindle e-book?

Almost everyone, who uses/or don’t use the internet, knows that Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce company. Beside selling only general merchandise, they also have eBook readers series called Amazon Kindle. These eBook readers, or e-readers, allow users to read eBooks and other documents, as well as browse, buy, and download them from their eBook marketplace called the Kindle Store.

9. Make money online be a ‘Clickworker’

What is Clickworker?

Clickworker is a German-based crowdsourcing company that pays for online tasks or little jobs. Clickworker is designed in such a way that helps you to earn some extra dollars.

Alexander Linden founded Clickworker in 2005 headquartered in Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

How does Clickworker works?

Companies and persons have small everyday jobs like data entry, surveys, web research and information validation that need to be completed from time to time. So, they are keen to hire distant or work at home-based staff to perform these jobs.

So Clickworker provides a stand where inaccessible workers like you and I can perform these tasks, finish them and make money online.

Do you remember Amazon Mechanical Turk? Then the Clickworker is no different which follows the same or similar concept. But let us see how you can make money with Clickworker.

How do I make money online with Clickworker?

Firstly, you need to sign up for a worker account. Then you need to log in and start taking jobs that set you. They offer the following tasks:

  1. Datasets for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) training
  2. Surveys
  3. Translation
  4. Web Research and Product Categorization
  5. Product Data Management
  6. Text Creation and Copywriting

Once you finish the tasks and if the client or clientele is happy, Clickworker will pay you happily.

How much can I make with Clickworker?

Clickworker said to us that the payment varies according to the difficulty of the job and estimated completion time. So, it may vary from a few cents to few dollars. But the actual workers, who already are Clickworkers, say that they make $8-$10 an hour, on average.

How does Clickworker pay you?

Clickworker pays via PayPal. If you are not in the United States and can’t access PayPal, you’ll surely need a bank account in a SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) to get paid. As it is a German company, you get paid in Euros, so you’ll have to convert your money by yourself.

If you are excited to earn some quick cash, then I will strongly recommend the Clickworker. Click Clickworker now but don’t quit your job.

10. Buy and sell domain names

Buying a domain name is easy. But selling a domain to make money online is really difficult. Buying a domain and then reselling it for the profit was very popular back in late 90’s. But now-a-days this process of making income online is becoming very popular again. Other name for this is ‘Domain Flipping’.

You can buy unique and top domain names from many popular domain seller and hosting websites like Jobiba, bluehost, namecheap, godaddy, bigrock, etc. You can buy premium or available domains from these sites. Then you can put your domain for sale on domain name market place like Flippa or Sedo or any from the above to make high profit online.

Once you buy a domain name then you have to wait for the buyer to request you to sell it. There are so many examples of heavy profit domain flipping. Actually, you can make millions of dollars from domain flipping if you are lucky enough.

11. Make money on Youtube

Every internet user is now used to youtube, of course. Even you would be spending a lot of your time on youtube in a day. But if only watching videos on youtube is your job then you are missing a golden opportunity of earning money from famous youtube. You can make money on youtube by not only uploading videos or ads.

Hi you. So, you want to make money online on YouTube. That’s great. You have come to the right place. I will guide you on how to make money on youtube. First of all, you need to create a youtube account or create a youtube channel. Then just as you create videos for Instagram, you need to create some videos for youtube.

Now, to earn money on youtube you need to finish the procedure for youtube monetization. Then you should upload videos to the youtube channel. Slowly when your likes increase, your subscribers increase, you will start to gain a decent income based on the likes, the total amount of time a user spends on your video, your total subscribers. You can make youtube income your main income source. Youtube can make you money because it has an organic search of 833 million+ traffic and paid search of 59.1 million traffic. Youtube can become a very powerful platform for earning money online. It has almost 39.3 billion backlinks.

Many people/YouTubers say that at least 1000 subscribers are needed to start your income from youtube. But it is not true. You don’t need that number of subscribers to start earning money.

We will show you how to make money on YouTube without ads.

The reason why you should not rely on the income from youtube ads is that youtube pays $0.0042 per view and if the viewer clicks off the ad before a certain time, even that little amount doesn’t count in your account. So, it’s better not to rely on youtube ads especially, when you are trying to enter the youtube money making business.

While on the other side all top 10 famous youtube celebrities make over $10 million a year only from the ads shown on their channels. And when these famous youtube celebrities announce their annual income from youtube, a high number of people are fascinated towards youtube business failing to get what they hoped for but in the end, just increasing the youtube business and traffic.

Ads were never the base of make money online or offline. The base of making real money was to find the income source that is more than your routine job or a side-business.

Followings are the ways to earn more money on youtube without ads:

  1. Affiliate marketing is a good option for income. But, for bloggers and vloggers, it isn’t counted as the perfect income source.
  2. Sponsored videos are more efficient, then affiliate marketing, to monetize your youtube channel without any embedded ads. These sponsored videos can get approximately between $0.05 and $0.15 per view so if you get 1000 views on an average, then you can charge about $150 to the sponsor for mentioning them in your video. It is almost around 20-25 times more than what you can get from youtube advertising.
  3. Finally, the last but the most fund-raising way through youtube. It is creating your own course or the product. Anytime in future, if you remove the advertisers and you want to directly get connected with the viewers of your owned products, your income will keep rising

Every 1,000 views can make $2-$5 directly in your account through Adsense. But it may be a bit harder now because of the new youtube rules of not monetizing a channel until they hit 10,000 views in its youtube lifetime.

You can generate more traffic on your blog or website by uploading quality videos on youtube. You can also make money by getting sponsorship for your videos.


Finally, we can conclude this post with a very positive and deal breaking results. We recommend you all, who want to earn online easily, to experiment with the above-proven ways to make money online. Our experts have researched and found the best and very legit ways to generate a power income source with the help of today’s digital world. You can a huge amount of money if and only you dare to go for it, acquiring every milestone set by the others out there and overcoming every hurdle in the way. You need to focus yourself with a specific goal and decide what suits you the most.

We are so happy to help you out by giving the perfect solutions to make money online. Share this post if you found it helpful. Comment below if you have any questions or queries related to this topic. Also, visit our forum page to join the discussion.

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