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How To Make Money Online For Student Without Any Investment

by Hardik Trivedi
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These days, it is valuable to earn a few hundred rupees more. Having more money in your bank account can help you in dire situations. These days, even in India, students opt for working during the holidays to get pocket money. Are you one among them? In this article, we give you tips on how to make money online for a student without any investment.

Making Money Online

It is an ideal situation since many companies ask for work experience after graduation. So, having a certificate that informs the HR you have worked part-time or earned money will keep you ahead of your peers. Now, let us focus on the online jobs to make money online for student devoid of any investment, shall we?

But please note, that some jobs mentioned in this article may need more years of experience. And some jobs will not mint money at the drop of a hat. You may have to work for an entire week to earn the paycheck.

Section A

This section will feature students who do not have any work experiences. They have learned skills on their own or taken the help of a relative.

1. Blogger

Make Money Online For Student Without Any Investment by Blogging

Even in India, there are many students, who are part-time bloggers. They make their pocket money from affiliate marketing. You can create a blog either on your own or pay a website guy to design a blog as per the requirements. But remember, quality content has to be posted at least once a week. Now, you can publish the article on all the platforms.

After the blog gets famous, you can opt for Google Adsense to promote your blog. Promote products and get paid for your efforts.

Ensure you have a mentor in hand. If you face any challenges, the mentor can provide guidance in the right direction.

2. Data Entry Jobs

Make Money Online For Student Without Any Investment by data entry jobs

Please note, you can find data entry jobs by the dozen. But not all of them are genuine. So beware of any company who asks you to pay a registration amount. You can get paid by the end of the month.

3. Online Writing

Make Money Online For Student Without Any Investment by online writing

If you have a passion for words, then this job is for you. The internet is full of jobs which require writers of different caliber and profile. If you are good with English Grammar, then go for this job. You can complete the articles or assignments during your free time.

Let us imagine, you are a student in Mumbai. You do content writing for companies and start-ups. Recently, you got a part-time writing offer from a company which offers services of laundry in Mumbai. You are asked to come to their office, and they give a simple test to check your skills. You pass the test. Now you are sent an excel sheet to write the articles and send them every week for their blog.

On your part, you ask them to sign the Free Lance Writing Agreement. You can receive a paycheck every month.

For the best online writing jobs, you can find them in Freelancer, Elance and Fiverr.

4. Online Tutor Jobs

Make Money Online For Student Without Any Investment by online tutor

Do you love teaching? Are you good at English? Then there are many persons in the World who are looking for teachers in English. Sign up with a website which provides tutors for English. You can teach to students around the world via their portal. Or else you can also teach them by Skype.

Please note that you can earn by the hour in this kind of job.

5. Domain Buying and Selling

Make Money Online For Student Without Any Investment by domain buying and selling

Do you have a relative who buys and sells domains? Then learn the tricks of the trade from him/her. Even though a student, you can make some decent money in this type of business.

If you have a good website with decent traffic and a special name, you can make money. Have a lookout for expired domains, and then sell to people. Be careful, or else you may lose money.

Section B

This section focuses on students who did two years or more of work in a company. Now, they have left their jobs and enrolled in a Masters Course. Although they are students, they can earn money in their part-time.

A. Social Media Manager

Make Money Online For Student Without Any Investment using social media manager

A wise man once said, select the career job which you can work 24 hours by seven days and make your company pay a salary for the time. Great! Going by this statement, are you a student who is interested in posting on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and more? Then there is a job for you.

Just look for start-up companies in your city having vacancies for a social media intern or executive jobs. They may give a virtual training on the tasks to be completed. Any doubt, you can ping them and get the perfect answer. You can do the job on weekdays and weekends in your spare time.

Let us imagine, you have two years of work experience as a Social Media Manager. Now, you have gone to college to do Masters. And you have opted for freelancing jobs as a social media manager to a company in Mumbai, by the name Neutron Services. This company is a vendor for a start-up which provides handyman professionals for TV repair service Mumbai. The management at Neutron Services wants you to make posts by the specified hour and design even banners for the service. You get paid for your services based on the percentage of profit the company makes.

B. Virtual Assistant

Are you a multi-skilled personality? You can do various jobs such as editing on photoshop, ghostwriting, graphic design and many more. Then check for these types of jobs online.

You may find the perfect set-up to make money online for student. You may have learned the jobs from a person who is a near relative. Or you have completed high school, worked for two years in a small company, and have come to college. In this situation, you have the experience to work part-time.

If you are a freelancer and have the skills, you need to do marketing. Then you can get clients.

C. Proofreader

Make Money Online For Student Without Any Investment by proof reading

You should have at least two years of experience to know about the spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You may have to do even formatting of even Microsoft Word documents. But please note, you should have a passion for the job and have a sharp eye for detail. Or you may give the errors a miss. And the next proofreader job will not land in your kitty.

D. Graphic Designer

Make Money Online For Student Without Any Investment by graphic designing

Are you a creative person? Have you learned to do photoshop editing by yourself? Then congratulations! If you also know how to make use of the tools such as Illustrator, InDesign, then you may have a long list of clients with ready-made projects.


Make Money Online For Student Without Any Investment by transcription

Did you complete school, worked for one year in a transcription company, and have rejoined college? Then you can apply to the same old company to ask them for a part-time job. You can listen to the audio files and type the words.


Have you read the article on how to make money online for the students without any investment? Do you want to read more articles related to career and studies? Then our website is the best source for this kind of information.

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