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35 Best High Quality Sites to Submit your Guest Post For Free

by Bhagwati Suthar
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One thing that most of you will agree on is this…

Regardless of how awesome your product is or regardless of the fact about how much potential your product has to fix problem of a huge problem of a market is, if you don’t market it properly, it will eventually go up in vain without capturing any potential eyeball that otherwise would have converted into sales or perhaps, recurring sales.

Companies invest millions of dollars to market their product however if you are a small site owner with, or simply a solo Entrepreneur all by yourself, you’ll be having a super hard time marketing your product while still having to maintain your current product to make it keep running and evergreen all by yourself.

Since even the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, you have to figure out what you, as a solo Entrepreneur, or a huge companies with a lot of employees can do to market your product to reach the maximum amount of audience! 

And for that, guest posting is one small (but critical) element of marketing your product online – especially if your product is online based, hint: SAAS company! 

Finding sites that accept free guest posts could take up a lot of your time which you otherwise should spend more on some efficient activities like bringing change to your existing product to produce the desired output for the customers! 

Don’t worry though, because in this article, we will show you 35 best high quality sites to Submit your Guest Post For Free! 

We’ll share sites in three broad & huge markets which include:

– Business

– Tech

– Health

Are you guys excited for this? If so, keep on rolling into this article to find out those sites and be sure to bookmark the one you think is relevant to you site! 

Let’s dive in right now! 

Business Sites That Accept Guest Posts

1 –

Let’s start with Mashable, as much as it sounds pleasing with its name, Mashable is one of the few blogs that Entrepreneurs of today’s time follow the most to get updated with all the new business tips and strategies which then can be implemented into their business for further improvement. 

2 –

As the name suggests Entrepreneur, 90% of articles are on this site are posted about Entrepreneurship, business and startups while rest 10% are about how an Entrepreneur, how a tiring Entrepreneur or simply a wannabe-entrepreneur who’s stuck in the middle can pass that phase and dominate their respective market.  

3 –

We can assume Inc as a sister of because the articles published on Inc are almost similar to the content published on! With hundreds or even thousands of columnists sharing their tips on how to maintain and start a business, some columnists are Entrepreneurs themselves by true mean and those who have already achieved success in their market.

4 – 

For some weird reason, if someone is starting out as a newbie blogger or wannabe future businessman, then they’ll surely find this site just due to the fact how many content this site has already published for newbies! If you want to write an article about basic topic – for a newbie beginning, definitely put this into your arsenal. 

5 –

Investment is a huge part of a successful business survival & without proper investment, or investing into the right thing, your business will fail sooner or later! If you want to share your investment experience, consider writing a guest post for Investopedia! 

6 –

Writing for a blog that’s based on the sole & core topic of business is not that easy and that’s the case with Business Insider as well! 

They publish guest posts of only those who either have a huge business or worked with someone who had. 

Make sure you fall into either of those.

7 –

There are many types of Entrepreneurs, we won’t describe the type of each one into this blog post because it’s not meant for that, however, if you are Web Dev Entrepreneur & have got a lot of skills and knowledge about this field, feel free to post on!

8 –

Copyblogger is just like a synonym of If you are a blogger, internet market or marketer/businessman in general, Copyblogger is one of the sites you’ll find yourself most into. If you want visibility for your product, specially SAAS, don’t forget to guest post for this site.

9 –

We all know that in today’s world, a huge amount of people love using Social media and are addicted to it. Love this habit or hate it, there are so many people just like this as well who want to learn more about social media EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! 

If you are also a social media addict and know something about a particular social media network platform that you want to share with the world, then Social Media Examiner is the site you should head onto just right now.

10 –

The real and classic bloggers who started their blogging adventure before 2010 knows the struggle of finding a site that would provide them a lot of actionable tips and hacks to take their blogging business to the level, when no site had enough content, DailyBlogTips did have that would enable many of us old bloggers to learn from them.

11 – is probably the only site that’s packed with a lot of digital marketing or technical marketing articles that any level of marketers can and should go in and read to groom their knowledge about marketing which would ultimately help their business get some extra eyeballs as well.

If you know about SEO or business marketing, consider writing for them.

12 –

Kissmetrics was launched by the legend marketer, Neil Patel himself. Just like any other websites listed in this section, this site also allows articles mostly related to business. 

If you want to get into the business field, or already businessman and want to share your opinion with your fellow players, consider posting on this site as well.

Tech Sites That Accept Guest Posts

13 – /

Dotdashcom, which once used to be called, is not limited to tech related blog posts only but you can post on pretty much every topic therefrom money to financial articles to food to home and gardening. 

And the best of all, you get paid for guest posting there which means you will not only be getting visibility to your personal or product brand but you will also going to get paid by them to write for them and there could be no better thing than this!

14 –

Yet another popular website that has been there since forever. This is one of those sites that a lot of tech savvies have been following and if you are also one of them, consider follow them or simply write a guest post for them.

15 –

If you are a web developer or designer or desire to be one, SmashingMagazine should be one of your go-to sites to learn from and take inspiration from your fellow peers.

You can take one step further and contribute to the community by writing a guest post for them.

16 –, with super weird brand visibility by being the domain name Labnol and site slogan being Digital Inspiration and description being “tech a la carte” is still one of the best tech sites one can use to guest post on.

17 –

This site is the crossover of tech and business! If you love learning machine learning while also eager to learn how to use tech to boost up a business, is where you want to guest post on.

18 –

One of the best about Social Media Today site is that this site has a dedicated forum where you can connect with all your peers and when you guest post for them, you can share your guest post with the community to get visibility on its true potential.

19 – is an effective tool that bloggers, writers and many businessmen use to manage their time effectively hence it’s pretty obvious they accept articles mostly on productivity content, so be sure you send them relevant content to increase your chance of getting accepted.

20 –

ReadWrite is the top 100 websites for a tech-savvy person and even if you are not one but want to correlate yourself into this, ReadWrite is some place where you can earn tech skills by reading and polish your existing ones by writing, aka, by guest posting there.

21 –

If you love reading and writing on multiple areas of your interest then look no further than! There are countless articles that have already been published on The Huffington Post and you can be their contributor to add further.

22 –

Yet another website where multiple topics articles are published but mostly, this site is tech based. As a tech enthusiast, you can reach out to this site and contribute your guest post for the visibility of your brand or product.

23 –

You will feel a bit betrayed when you hop into this site for the first time because unlike its name, this site is the opposite of tech, however, not entirely! You can post-marketing and SEO related articles here.

24 –

If you are into the tech field, then you want to make sure that you are getting yourself surrounded by tech news every single day and by tech news, we mean the latest tech news. This site is just perfect for tech related free guest blogging.

Health Sites That Accept Guest Posts

25 –

When you combine good health with happiness and depression-less life, that’s where you know you have achieved a deadly combination. If you want to share any happiness secret, you can post your articles on this site too.

26 –

You can expect a lot of listicle types of blog posts on Elite Daily that’s mostly focused on finding happiness, finding yourself when you are lost and how you can make your health good.

27 –

If you are a health or gym freak, then it’s pretty likely that at least once in your lifetime you have (unintentionally) visited this website! If you are at the point of sharing any of your secret gym or health tips, submit your guest post for

28 –

This is a comprehensive website where you can find health tips for yourself or for children of any age.

If you are a new mother or an experienced mother or simply want to free guest posts on some other health site, is something you should put into your list.

29 –

The best thing one can do to their self is to analyze themselves, try to figure out how a particular component could be improved and actually take actions into improving it.

Pickthebrain is a self-improvement website where you can consider contributing your guest post for free.

30 –

As the name suggests, in this site, you’ll be expecting to get a lot of content related to well being and some tips and hacks to maintain it.

Again, if you have any tips or hacks you want to share with the world, there’s no better place than this.

31 –

If you are from India and reading this then you are in luck because this website is India based and all the tips shared here are with keeping the indian audience in mind so it’s easy for them to follow certain remedies and tips!

32 –

There’s someplace where daily news on health has to be published, isn’t it? Dailynewsen is that place. 

If you are a health freak or simply a health journalist who’s continuously revolving around the health market, dailynewsen is where you want to guest post.

33 –

If you think this website is only for plant health then think again, the domain name only wants to specify the fact that this site revolves around the gardening topics as well as the health of humans.

34 –

If you still not seem to find any health site, here’s the second last website on our list.

This site posts on a lot of topics including the one you’re looking for: health!

35 –

Most people confuse themselves by combining and together.

Be assured both are different and both accept articles on health so feel free post on either of the sites you want to.

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