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27 Best Free Job Posting Sites to Find a Good Candidate

by Bhagwati Suthar
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If you are a small business owner and want to scale your business, then there’s no way better to get started with it than by hiring some employees, get your work done by them, and use those free time in some other productive activity to groom your business in every aspect.

If you have never hired an employee ever in your life then you may find yourself in a very difficult state while going through the instructions of hiring one – especially if you’re going to do in a professional fashion.

27 Good Free Job Posting Sites to Find Your Next Employee

If you can relate with this, then don’t you guys worry anymore because in this blog post, we are going to have a look at 27 best free job posting sites to Find a Good Candidate or employee for your business.

So let’s dive right into it! 

Jobiba is your go-to platform for efficient and effective free job posting. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of categories, makes it simple for employers and recruiters to post job listings that reach a vast audience of potential candidates. Whether you’re looking for full-time employees, freelancers, or part-time staff, offers a seamless experience to showcase your job opportunities. Join the ranks of satisfied employers who have successfully found their ideal candidates through’s streamlined job posting process.


If your business is based on a digital platform of jobs and you’re looking for someone to assist you in a particular part of your business then Fiverr is something you should bookmark right now! Millions of freelancers are waiting for you to give them your requirements so they can get started right off the bat. 

Simply create a free buyer account on Fiverr and use the Request Job feature to find the most relevant employee for your business. 


We have already talked about where to hire candidates when your business is based on a digital platform but what about offline businesses? That’s where indeed job requirement posting comes in handy!, at the moment, is the biggest online job posting website having over 250 million jobs already posted, which also is a free job posting site and jobs there are continuously being posted every single day, hour, minute and second.

You can also sort resumes on Indeed to hire employees without spending much time because those will be the candidates who are already looking for work.


Out of many other free job posting sites where you can post free jobs, Wisestep is one of the many seeds from the packet.

Wisestep is basically a social recruiting where you can post as many job requests and search through those resumes as you want.

Generally you should expect to get more of colleges and school students as employees so make sure you are not looking for something very technical.

However, if you still want to get something very technical done by your employees, keep on reading to find a more relevant site!


Ladders are one of the best free job posting sites without registration. This site allows you to do free resume searches as much as you want to along with this feature, you can also post the infinite amount of job requests until you find the most relevant employee for your business.

They accept pretty professional free job postings with salary ranging from $40,000 to even over $250,000.

Go ahead and use this since this is also one of the best job portal sites. is the oldest yet the best job portal site which was founded in 1995. 

if you are looking to translate your offline business into online as well, or simply want to groom your online business further by doing the heck out techniques available out there, then you can always also post jobs on this site and find employees in minutes! 

This site is not in English so be sure to translate the site into English once you first visit it unless you can read French as well. is like the little sister of which can be used as an alternative of in case, for some awkward reason, doesn’t work out for you.

Unlike many other free job posting sites, provides you with an escrow account so your funds don’t lose in case the employee was not the right candidate and didn’t perform the right work.


We know at least one person in our life who doesn’t feel comfortable while buying anything online regardless of the fact that in today’s world, security is top-notch on almost every site – especially on these free job posting sites for employers. 

To put them on track of buying online and trying out their first employee online, you can recommend them TopTal because of the fact that if you don’t get the right work, you’ll be refunded your money that otherwise would have been wasted on the incorrect work done by that particular employee. 

Hire My Mom

If you are looking for someone who can perform basic job tasks of writing, managing your emails and social media, responding to your audiences through social media, then why not try out Hire My Mom?!

As the name suggests, you can expect candidates to be a mom yet can do at least such basic stuff for you like writing and virtual assistants.


AileenSoul is one of my favorite free and best job posting sites for employers in india.

Not only can you find employees there but a variant of the many other things, i.e. artists and freelancers. 

As many other sites listed in this article, this is also a free job posting where you can post free job requests.

All you are supposed to do is to create a profile either as a recruiter or business and even on the recruiter profile, it’s free to post jobs which makes it handy for a startup who’s consistent in hiring employees and grow their business.


Recruiter has over 10,000 Recruiters available on the platform across various different industries like marketing, sales and healthcare.

And as you are reading this, the number probably has increased much more than just 10,000 if you have made your mind to use this site to post free jobs posting.

Not only it’s vital to know that the number of Recruiters is pretty decent but employee’s number (which is what matters to you the most) is also pretty decent, i.e. 800,000 members as of now and its likely it will be 1 million very soon.

National Labor Exchange

National Labor Exchange is one of the widest reaching free job posting sites just because of the fact that once you post your job request, that request gets syndicated on over 1,000 job search engines having over million of employees peeping at job requirements.

You can post free jobs into this site and expect to see your inbox filled with hundreds of candidates very soon! 


Scouted is one of the best free job posting sites but for some reason, it didn’t attract much attention towards itself that it deserves.

This site works pretty smartly to get you the most right and relevant by utilizing the algorithmic system. And from there, you can sort out the best.


Jobxoom is also a free job posting site but here’s the twist: you can only post free jobs onto this job site for the first three months and you are limited to posting only 100 vacancies during that period of time.

This site gets over 80,000 unique visitors every single month on average which doesn’t seem a lot but hey?! 80,000 job seekers who are desperately want to get hired are not less, or is it?


Internshala is probably one of the if not the best free job posting sites for employers in India. Generally, you’ll be getting a lot of students as an employer into this site which is good too if you look at from another angle. 

You can provide them with any sort of student job, maybe student internships and help them start initiating their career along with you getting the benefit of having your business task done very cheaply and by those passionate students i.e. future stars!


Just.Jobs: is yet another best job portal site for none other than the people of India. With over 50,000 recruiters registered on the site looking to hire employees for their small to medium business, you can also register yourself there and start hiring new talents to take your business reputation and content to the next level.


Sometimes we get so busy in finding the best for ourselves that we forget the absolute basic, and yes, that’s the same case in recurring new talents! 

LinkedIn is the only social network that’s specially used by professionals who are continuously looking to hire people & it could be you too! 

Creating a profile on LinkedIn is absolute free and looking at the fact that it’s one of the most used social networking site or site in general, it won’t take you much longer to get your first candidate from there. 


If you, for some reason, want to hire candidates from foreign country having some premium skills that your country doesn’t have, Handshake is where you want to be.

With the connection of over 700 U.S colleges, this site connects you to the rising stars that would love to work with you! 

Glassdoor India

Yet another free job posting sites for employers in india that every from a solo entrepreneur to a huge business recruiter use to hire the right candidate. You can sign up to start post free jobs and jobs could be of any kind – be it car driver or a professional website builder. 

Angular Jobs

If you are atleast a bit closer to web development and designing then you probably have heard the term “Angular,” more specifically, “Angular JS!”

As the name tell of this site, generally you’re expected to hire employees having the technical knowledge of web development and designing.

This site comes with a free trial of 7 days which can be used a free job posting site as well. 

Everything that’s worth having in this world is not free and that’s the case with this site too. 

However, there’s a free trial which you can use to evaluate if this will work well for you or not.


Internships is one of the largest free job posting sites that everyone from SMBs to fortune 500 companies use to hire the next level talent for their startup. This free job posting site is generally labelled as “the world’s largest internship marketplace”! 

The thing that makes it further better is that it’s free! 


Most of the time, we look for employees on hourly job and there’s no better place to find such of them on Workpop! 

This best job portal site is also paid but there’s a 10 day trial which you can use without getting your card charged.

Hubstaff Talent

If you are an online marketer, or at least tried to research about it at least once in your lifetime, there’s no way that you have never heard the name of Hubstaff! 

You can use this site underrated feature to hire remote employees! And best of all, this site is completely free to use plus, all of your job requests are shared on their social media account for maximum visibility. 


Hound is yet another free job posting site and the best feature of this site is that it syndicates your job request to over 500 job search engine so the most relevant employee can find your vacancy, apply for it, and start working with you as soon as possible.


Facebook doesn’t actually deserve to be at this bottom but here it is! 

Facebook is the number 1 most used social networking website which most of it’s users only use out of addiction, however, at the same time, you can post unlimited job requests and due to the amount of audience this site has, you will be approached by many employees.  


Instagram is something that a food blogger uses to find the most loyal audience for their business however, depending on the job you are posting, you can expect to see potential employees message on your instagram inbox just after a few seconds of you posting the job request on your account, so go and try it out!


Posting Job request on a platform like YouTube seems a foolish idea but many big companies utilized this out of the box technique of hiring and got some of the best talents! 

Depends on the market you are in and subscribers you have on your YouTube channel, you can definitely give YouTube a try!

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